The "Free Boost" / "Boost Pill" Mod

This mod is not a good idea. Do not do this mod.

This rumour / misinformation was propogated by Stealth316 over a decade ago, but has since been disproven with a dynomometer.

The theory was that by removing a restrictor in the boost solenoid, a first gen twin turbo model (300HP) could be brought up to second gen twin turbo horsepower (320HP).

What it actually does is create a potentially dangerous boost spike in low RPM, and doesn't have any other effect at all.

Just a reminder to reference the curves themselves and not necessarily the numbers, as different models of dynomometer read the same car at different values.

Below you can see some examples of the boost spikes caused by removing the restrictor, credit to Elton Ross on Facebook.

First Boost Spike Example
Second Boost Spike Example
Third Boost Spike Example

Below is an example of a healthy dynomometer chart, courtesy of Hans Ertl at Ground Zero Performance. As you can see, with the restrictor in place, the boost spike is heavily limited, and the remainder of the graph is identical.

Healthy Dyno Example

The boost solenoid in question is the same on all generations of turbo 3S, they all use the same part number. The restrictor that allegedly determines the difference between first generation and second generation is present in second generation as well. Here is a picture of a new second generation boost solenoid, as you can see, it has the restrictor in place.

New Second Generation Boost Solenoid

If you're still doubting me, here is some reading to do on 3SI, and here is some reading to do on the 3SGTO group on Facebook.