Data Logging

Data logging refers to the ability to keep track of sensor data and calculated values over time. Since the 90's, there have been many solutions to this such as Hand Held Halo and EvoScan. However, the most modern implementation is the CANBUS Converter.

Required Components

*CANBUS Converter Unit
*12v Power Adapter
*MUT-I Interface Cable (Included if Selected)
*MUT-II Interface Cable (Included if Selected)
OBD2 Bluetooth Transmitter
Serial to USB Type-A Interface Cable
GM Style 3 BAR MAP Sensor
0.5-4.5v Fluid Pressure Transducer
Android Device with Bluetooth Capability
Windows Laptop with Type-A USB Port

*Included with CANBUS Converter kit.

Shopping Advice

The CANBUS Converter unit can be purchased from BlackStealth on the 3SI forum, he can also be contacted via email at 3S Hub is not affiliated with this merchant.

Basic Setup

Connect your MUT Interface Cable of choice to the MUT input port of the CANBUS Converter unit. Connect the 12v Power Adapter to the power port of the CANBUS Converter unit. Connect the OBD2 Bluetooth Transmitter to the OBD2 port of the CANBUS Converter unit.

MUT interface, 12v power and OBD2 transmitter connected.

Connect the Serial to USB Interface Cable to the serial port of the CANBUS Converter unit.

Serial cable connected.

Head to your car and connect the MUT Interface Cable to your diagnostic MUT port. Connect the 12v Power Adapter to your 12v outlet (cigarette lighter).

12v power connected to car.
MUT connected to car.

Turn your ignition on. Your OBD2 transmitter should light up. On your Android device, download the app Torque. Start the car. Pair your OBD2 transmitter to your Android device per its manufacturer's instructions. Open the torque app. It should automatically detect the OBD2 bluetooth device and you should see your tachometer reflected on the main page.

Gauge cluster tachometer.
Torque tachometer.

CANBUS Converter Configuration

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