Post-Purchase Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do after you buy a new vehicle, especially a 3S, is ensure that its maintenance is up to date. This guide is targetted at those who've purchased a running vehicle. Check the diagnostics section if your vehicle does not run.

60k/120k Maintenance

The first and most important thing to verify is that your 60k / 120k maintenance (timing service) has been completed. If you do not have documentation (with date and mileage) that this service was performed, assume it hasn't.

For information pertaining to this service, visit our 60k / 120k maintenance page

Intake Cleaning

Secondly, you should inspect and clean your intake. If you car is high mileage, it will likely have significant carbon buildup from the EGR system.

For information pertaining to this service, visit our intake maintenance page

Fuel Sender Service

Next, you should inspect your fuel sender and the access panel for it. This will not only ensure that your sender is functional, but inspecting it once every year or two will prevent the connection from seizing which often leads to sender damage.

It is also advisable to clean and coat the fuel sender access panel with a rubberized coating. It is the worst place for rust in the entire vehicle.

For information pertaining to this service, visit our fuel sender maintenance page

First Gen Electronics Service

Continuing on, if your vehicle is a first generation / MK1 model, you should inspect your electronics and replace the capacitors in accordance with our first generation electronics maintenance page.

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