Fluid System Line & Fitting Sizes

Fuel System

Hard Source Line (inc. Sender Flex Pipe)5/16″ / 8mm OD
Hard Return Line1/4″ OD
Rear Connections (to Soft Line)M14x1.5
Front Connections (to Filter)M12x1.25
Front Connection (to Fuel Pressure Regulator) TBD
Front Connection (to Hard Return Line)TBD

Oil System

Component Size
Pressure Sensor (Gauge)1/8″ BSPT
Pressure Switch (Dummy Light)1/8″ BSPT
Rear Turbocharger CHRA FeedM10x1.25
Rear Turbocharger Reducer FeedM12x1.0
Connection to Oil Filter HousingM16x1.5
Connections to Oil CoolerM16x1.5

Coolant System

Turbocharger Coolant Feed & ReturnM12x1.25
Connections to Heater CoreTBD
Connections to Throttle BodyTBD
Connections to Thermostat HousingTBD

Power Steering System

Connection to Power Steering PumpTBD
Connection to Power Steering Rack (Input)TBD
Connection to Power Steering Rack (Output to Rear)TBD
Connection to Rear Steering RackTBD

Clutch System

Connection to Clutch Master CylinderM10x1.0 Inverted Flare
Connections to Clutch DamperTBD
Connection to Clutch Slave CylinderTBD
Clutch Bleeder ValveTBD

Brake System

Connection to Brake Master CylinderTBD
Connection to Proportioning Valve /
Anti-Lock Brake System Pump
Connection to Upper Soft Line
(Wheel Well)
Connection to Lower Soft Line
(Wheel Well)
Connection to CaliperTBD
Brake Bleeder Valves7mmxTBD or 10mmxTBD
(Year Dependent)

Vacuum System

Blow Off Valve Trigger4mm ID Hose
Clutch Vacuum AssistTBD
Brake Vacuum AssistTBD
All Other Vacuum Lines3mm ID Hose

Air Intake System

Ports and barbs are sized for tight fitting silicone caps (OD) or plugs (ID). Connections sized for hose clamps.

Port for Blow Off Valve Recirculation40.5mm OD, TBD ID
Port for Boost Control Solenoid Return10.7mm OD, TBD ID
Port for Positive Crankcase Ventilation ReturnTBD OD, 10.5mm ID
Barb for Positive Crankcase Ventilation ReturnTBD OD, TBD ID
Port for Evaporative Control Return TBD OD, TBD ID
Barb for Evaporative Control Return 10.7mm OD, 10mm ID
Bubble Pipe Connection to Blow Off Valve44.5mm
Connection from Bubble Pipe /
Naturally Aspirated to Mass Airflow Sensor
Connection from Bubble Pipe to Pre-Turbo Pipes72mm
Connection Between Naturally Aspirated Sections 95mm
Connection from Naturally Aspirated to Air BoxTBD
Connection from Pre-Intercooler Pipes to
Front Turbocharger / Rear Hard Pipe
Connection from Pre-Intercooler Pipes to IntercoolersTBD
Connection from Rear Post-Intercooler Pipes to
Small Hard Pipe Near Fans
Connection from Post-Intercooler Pipes to Y Pipe56mm