Digital Climate Control (DCC) Screen Rebuild


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We currently have a heavy backlog due to familial loss over the last year and the resulting pause in processing. We have been building a waitlist since.

Effective March 18, 2023, we are splitting this list into two sections.

  1. Standard. There is no guarantee of processing times on the standard list, but we are working through it as quickly as possible. The standard queue is processed according to the following criteria.
    1. Location. Domestic (to Canada) customers are processed first due to lower shipping times and costs, as well as many being able to drop off and pick up their units in person.
    2. Core Units. Customers who have additional units that they wish to submit as cores for partial/complete payment are given priority as we are attempting to build a stock of units to start a core exchange program.
    3. Waitlist Date. Beyond the above criteria, the waitlist is processed by order of addition.
  2. Priority. We guarantee to intake at least one priority customer per week beginning the first week of April, 2023. Priority customers are sorted by date of waitlist addition only. An additional priority cost of $100 USD will be imposed on the first unit of the order, plus $50 per additional priority unit in the order.

Please also note that we are not processing ECUs outside of the priority list until the snow in Edmonton is gone (Likely early to mid April) and a test vehicle can be pulled from storage as we do not feel comfortable processing units without an in vehicle test.

First Generation (91-93) ECU, TCU, DCC & ECS

Our platform has been plagued with common electronics problems outlined here.

3S Hub provides a no-fix-no-charge electronics rebuild service catered to our platform with a 2 year warranty. We have turbo and non-turbo shop cars available for both the CAS equipped 91-92 motors and the CPS equipped 93 motors to test ECU’s. We will test, examine and repair your 3000GT, Stealth or GTO’s:

  • ECU (Engine Control Unit)
  • TCU (Transmission Control Unit)
  • DCC (Digital Climate Control)
  • ECS (Electronically Controlled Suspension Unit)
  • GCA (Gauge Cluster Assembly)

If we are unable to repair your unit, we will either ship it back to you at no charge, or may offer to purchase the core (you are always welcome to decline sale of cores and have the unit returned).

Please keep in mind that these issues are most common on first generation (1991-1993) 3S vehicles. While units can fail in later models, they often fail differently, and in ways that are more difficult to repair.

First Generation (91-93) ECU, TCU, DCC & ECS

If your ECU has failed, we offer repair at the following price points (including return shipping to the United States and Canada):

Tier 1 ($80 USD) – Preventative Maintenance
We will replace the troublesome capacitors in your unit with high quality reputable capacitors. We can also replace less-reputable capacitors from other rebuilders. In order to qualify for this tier, the board cannot have suffered damage. Capacitor areas will be sealed to protect metallic surfaces from the elements.
Tier 2 ($125 USD) – Leaking Capacitor Replacement
We will replace the troublesome capacitors in your unit, including any that have failed. We will also clean up any electrolyte on the board that may be eating through sealant and corroding components. Any sealant that has been destroyed will be re-applied with any repaired areas.
Tier 3 ($150 USD + $50 USD per Hour) – Board Repair
We will diagnose and repair any damage caused to the board by leaking elecrolyte or small short circuits. At this time we are unable to offer repair of water damage. There is a 1 hour minimum for board repair labour.

*We typically only replace the series’ of capacitors in the boards that have documented issues with leaking. If you would like all capacitors replaced, we can accomodate that at an additional cost of $10 USD per capacitor.

Gauge Cluster Assembly

If your tachometer is exhibiting symptoms of weak needle deflections (showing around ten to twenty percent of normal RPM), we are able to offer flat rate repair of these clusters for $100 USD including return shipping.

For all other repairs, evaluation of your gauge cluster assembly is required. Please reach out for more information.

Other Electronics

If you have another electronic unit from a 3000GT, Stealth or GTO that you suspect of being troubled, we will assess potential repair of these units on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out for more information.

Sending Us Your Board

To arrange a repair, please send us an email at or send me a message on Facebook to arrange service of your board.

Shipping at your cost to our service center in Edmonton, AB Canada will be required. As mentioned, return shipping is included in the repair cost. If you are local and wish to drop off your board in person, please let us know and we can offer a small discount in lieu of return shipping.

Any shipment valued over $20 CAD is subject to fees at the border. These fees are not supposed to be charged on goods marked as for Repair/Warranty/Return, however enforcement of this policy has been spotty with all major carriers.

You are free to value the shipment however you’d like (for shipping insurance, etc), however please note that any fees we are charged C.O.D. will be added to the cost of the repair (invoice from carrier available upon request) as trying to recoup these fees from the carrier is a lengthy and tedious process.

Carrier-Specific Suggestions:

  • USPS – MUST be valued <= $15 USD or their fees will be added to your repair cost. The dispute process for USPS involved sending and receiving snail mail.
  • UPS – Can be valued at whatever you’d like if it is clearly marked for “repair and return” everywhere necessary. This includes reason for export and on the commercial invoice under both the item and the general comments.
  • FedEx – Can be valued at whatever you’d like if it is clearly marked for repair and return everywhere necessary. This includes reason for export and on the commercial invoice under both the item and the general comments.  FedEx allows the purchase of additional coverage, so I’d recommend valuing the package at $10-15 USD and insuring it for a higher value.

If you would like insurance or expedited shipping on your return shipment, please communicate that to us no later than one day after your outbound tracking number updates to “Delivered”.

Unless otherwise requested, all return shipments are via Canada Post / USPS.

Alternative / Self Repair Info

If you’re going to attempt repairs yourself, do it right. Get reputable capacitors from a site like DigiKey (no ebay kits, no salvaging from other 20 year old electronics). The capacitors should be of equal or higher voltage rating to the stock capacitors, and of equal micro farad rating. Ensure that all leaking electrolyte is properly cleaned. It often pools under the injector drivers.

Other repair solutions exist, but be weary. Many will salvage capacitors from other electronics and use the aforementioned low quality capacitors. High-production shops also are less likely to have testing hardware specifically designed for these units, and are very unlikely to have a compatible vehicle to test anything in-car. Some results of bad workmanship can be seen in the following Facebook posts (group membership may be required):

  • (O’Reillys)
  • (Foreign Auto, TX)
  • (SIA Electronics, IL)
  • (Unknown)


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 11 m
Unit State

Functional, Preventative Maintenance, Non-Functional, Untouched, Non-Functional, Botched Repair, Water or Short-Circuit Damage

Key Lights

Stock, LED

Key Light LED Colour

White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Broken Tabs

None, One, Two, Three